Governor Otti advises monarchs once more not to harbor criminals

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, has issued a harsh warning to all traditional rulers in the state. Governor Otti made it plain that any traditional ruler found hiding criminals, regardless of position or status, will face harsh penalties.

An authoritative authority offered a severe warning in a somber address made at the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in Umuahia. This warning was delivered during the historic inauguration event of the 9th Executive Council of the prestigious Abia State Council of Ndi Eze.

Otti, a renowned figure, has stressed the importance of traditional rulers in Abia’s security and modernization. These distinguished individuals, according to Otti, are highly recognized, and their support is critical for the region’s prosperity. Otti also applauded the traditional institution’s new leadership, recognizing their worth and potential impact on the community.

The individual stated in a statement that their government took great care in picking Eze Linus Nto Mba and other distinguished royal leaders to guide their fellow colleagues. They also counseled these leaders to avoid any conflicts or disagreements among themselves, emphasizing the significance of unity among traditional authorities.

In a recent statement, he expressed his serious concern over many traditional rulers’ apparent lack of awareness about events developing within their own communities. This regrettable misinformation, he says, is impeding these communities’ much-needed advancement and development.

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Otti recently urged traditional rulers to join forces with his government to ensure the safety and security of the state. He stressed the significance of their collaboration, especially given the recent beginning of Operation Crush. Otti emphasized the importance of providing the required assistance to this joint security force.

In a recent statement, the governor of Abia state emphasized his steadfast commitment to developing the state’s agricultural potential and mineral resources. However, he admitted that such lofty ambitions cannot be accomplished in the face of insecurity and catastrophe.

HRH Eze Linus Nto Mba, the recently appointed Chairman of the Abia State Council of Ndi Eze, made a firm vow to deliver unparalleled development to the state’s rural villages during his term.

In a recent statement, Eze Mba, a major personality in Abia, pledged to rally his colleagues in order to push the region’s growth. Furthermore, he has stated that his administration will stress the development of peace, harmony, and love within Abia’s varied populations.

In a recent statement, the individual thanked Governor Otti for entrusting him with the task of mentoring the renowned royal fathers. Furthermore, the individual commended the governor’s decision to increase the monthly stipends to Abia’s traditional rulers. The individual assured the faith placed in them that their efforts would not be in vain.

The executive council of traditional rulers recently announced the nomination of numerous distinguished individuals to critical posts. HRH Eze Nelson Mmerengwa, who has been designated as the first Deputy Chairman, HRH Eze Franklin Nwosu, who has been designated as the second Deputy Chairman, and HRH Eze Uwakwe Ukaegbu, who has been designated as the third Deputy Chairman, are among the newly appointed members. These individuals have a lot of experience and skill, and their appointments are expected to make a substantial contribution to the council’s operations.

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