“I am traumatized,” cries a woman after discovering a fetish box in her boyfriend’s room containing her picture and underwear (video)

After discovering a fetish box in her boyfriend’s room that contained her picture and underwear, a Nigerian woman took to social media to vent her utter disgust and disbelief at the situation.

After watching a video of a woman who found fetish goods in her boyfriend’s room, the young lady admitted in a video that was uploaded to TikTok that she was inspired to explore the bedroom of the person she was seeing because she was curious about what she might find there.
However, her search took an unexpected turn when she destroyed a box that her lover claims he uses to save money and found diabolic artifacts inside of it. This caused her to refocus her efforts.

The woman was so shaken up by her discovery that she decided to record herself filming the fetish goods, which included a picture of herself with her name printed on both the front and back as well as her underpants.

In the footage, she can be heard saying,

“I don’t know what my eyes are seeing here, I don’t know. I am traumatized right now.” Today, I went to the home of my boyfriend, and as soon as he left, I started searching his house thoroughly. I looked in every room, his closet, and even beneath his bed, but I couldn’t find anything.

“A spirit advised me to check his safe, which is located on top of his wardrobe, so I made the decision to rearrange his belongings,” she explained. After that, the spirit told me that I ought to destroy it.

“Guys, I am at a loss for words to describe what I saw in the box. Let me record it; this is what I observed when I opened the box: a terrifying object wrapped in crimson cloth; my picture folded up with my name inscribed on the front; and the N1,000 that had been tied with my pant.

watch the video below:

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