Ibori faces a new 10-year prison sentence and a £100 million seizure in the United Kingdom

Former Delta State Governor James Ibori finds himself in a difficult position, facing the prospect of a 10-year prison sentence. This situation stems from the large sum of money he is required to pay as a result of his conviction in a UK court in 2012.

According to Channels Television, the court is about to issue an order confiscating more than £100 million ($129 million) from the ex-governor.

It has been nearly six years since Ibori’s return to Nigeria following his completion of a prison term for the serious felonies of money laundering and fraud.

In a shocking step, British authorities have officially accused the former governor of allegations of illegally stealing state monies and then laundering them through numerous UK institutions and properties. In a significant step, the trial connected to the confiscation proceedings against Ibori began in February of 2017.

In a significant breakthrough, Southwark Crown Court Judge David Tomlinson recently revealed factual findings relevant to the monetary quantities linked with the infamous Ibori case.

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On Thursday, both the prosecution and the defense vehemently explained their different perspectives on the difficult topic of determining the confiscation figure in a compelling courtroom spectacle. This difficult issue was based on the judge’s conclusions, which served as the foundation for both parties’ estimates.

Former Nigerian governor James Ibori, who returned to his home country after his release from prison in 2017, was conspicuously absent from the current hearing.

Jonathan Kinnear, the prosecution counsel, made a thundering declaration before the court during a riveting courtroom encounter. Kinnear stated unequivocally that the massive sum of £101.5 million should be seized from Ibori.

Kinnear made a bombshell courtroom declaration that sent shockwaves through the legal procedures. If the offender is unable to meet his financial responsibilities, he feels that he should face a serious penalty in the form of an extended prison sentence ranging from five to ten years. This audacious claim has surely added another degree of complication to an already controversial issue.

The presiding judge is expected to make a decision and issue an official order either on Friday or shortly thereafter.

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