Furious Driver Bites ear Of A VIO Officer In Delta State

According to the reports, a Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) named Papu Prosper had his ear chewed by an unidentified driver of a Sienna automobile. The Vehicle Inspection Department is where Prosper spends his day job.
The incident took place in the vicinity of Eagle Roundabout by Federal Government College in Warri, Delta State, during a heated argument between the VIO officer and the driver.

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The victim who confirmed the new information to Vanguard on Monday revealed that the incident took place on Friday. Vanguard received this confirmation from the victim.
According to him, the driver had been detained earlier in the course of an operation due to expired automobile particulars, and this operation was being carried out.
When asked about his ordeal, the victim stated, “I am a Vehicle Inspection Officer, also known as a VIO.” During the course of a patrol that we conducted in Warri, which is situated in the state of Delta, we detained a motorist whose automobile particulars had reached the end of their validity period. During this stage of the procedure, my boss gave me instructions to accompany him to our office in Warri so that we could check to see if his specifics had been brought up to date. While I was pursuing the individual, he made threats against my life and asserted that the VIO was to blame for a great deal of misdeeds. After that, he took out a knife and began butchering me while attempting to hack me up into bits with the knife. Because of how quickly the vehicle was moving, getting out of the car was a challenge for me. As a result of the argument that we were having, he ended up biting off a portion of my ear.

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