Italian footballer Anwar Megbli Loses Life In A Road Accident

Anwar Megbli, an 18 years old  Italian footballer is  now mourned by Italian footballers following his death.

The young footballer passed away on Monday after falling of from a moped on the 3rd of June in the night time. Anwar was on the books at Livorno.

Mail Online reported that, the Italian striker had been riding on the back of a friend’s vehicle when it collided with a car, following which, the player was taken by helicopter to Cisanello Hospital in Pisa, with prosecutors opening an enquiry in the car’s driver.

While his friend survived and is now recovering from the collision in the hospital, doctors were unable to save the teenager.


A heartfelt tribute was shared by Livorno  announcing the news on Monday evening after  confirmation of the teenagers passing, which read: ‘No, you can’t die at 18.

‘Today, following a tragic road accident between San Vincenzo and Donoratico in the night between Saturday and Sunday, Anwar Megbli, striker born in 2005 for the national Juniors of the Unione Sportiva Livorno 1915, lost his life.

‘The whole company expresses it deepest condolences to the family and loved ones in this moment of deep sorrow.

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