Italy requests that ECOWAS extend the Niger ultimatum

Italy has made a fervent appeal to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to consider extending the deadline for the reinstatement of Niger’s ousted president.

In an interview published on Monday, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani offered advice, as reported by NAN.

In a statement, the user emphasized that the diplomatic approach is the sole viable option. In an interview with La Stampa newspaper, Tajani expressed his hope for an extension of the ultimatum set by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The ultimatum, which officially expired at midnight last night, has raised concerns and prompted discussions regarding its potential extension.

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Niger has taken the decision to close its airspace indefinitely, starting from Sunday. The move comes in response to the alleged threat of military intervention by the West African regional bloc.

In a recent development, a threat has been reported following the refusal of coup leaders to comply with a deadline for the reinstatement of the detained former president, Mohammed Bazoum.

A multitude of junta supporters descended upon a stadium in Niamey, the bustling capital city in a remarkable display of solidarity. Their fervent cheers reverberated through the air as they celebrated the resolute decision to resist external pressure and refrain from relinquishing power by the looming Sunday deadline. This unwavering stance comes in the wake of the power seizure that took place on July 26, which has since sparked intense scrutiny and international attention.

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