Kidnappers: Execution by hanging should be implemented in Cross River – Gov. Otu

Cross River State Governor Bassey Otu has made a bold announcement proclaiming his unwavering commitment to retaining the state’s present kidnapping statute. This act, which bears the terrible penalty of hanging, is scheduled to be strictly enforced under the Governor’s supervision.

On Wednesday, the honorable gentleman addressed the audience before taking the oath of office and appointing ministerial positions to an impressive group of 30 newly appointed commissioners.

Cultism, armed robbery, and kidnapping have emerged as the state’s most common crimes, usually conducted by individuals.

In a recent statement, the Nigerian Medical Association revealed a troubling pattern of doctor kidnappings over the last five years. According to their research, 14 doctors were victims of this horrible crime. By publicizing Prof Ekanem Ephraim’s current condition, the association has added to the growing alarm. Prof Ephraim, a well-known neurology consultant at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), has been detained for over 30 days. This tragic situation emphasizes the crucial need for quick action to ensure the safety and security of Nigerian medical staff.

Gertrude Njar, a female commissioner, was recently kidnapped and kept captive by kidnappers for more than 35 days in a February 2023 event. Njar was eventually released after a substantial ransom was paid, therefore there is some hope in this horrible incident.

The Governor expressed deep alarm about the state of insecurity, exhibiting obvious wrath. The Governor addressed the serious issue by emphasizing the rising incidence of kidnappings and other criminal operations aimed at extorting ransoms. These horrific crimes not only endanger the lives of innocent individuals but also impair their ability to conduct legitimate business.

The individual affirmed their unwavering commitment to upholding the provisions of the Cross River State Kidnapping Prohibition Law of 2016. A new piece of legislation was recently introduced that contains hefty penalties for individuals involved in the heinous crime of abduction. Under the proposed law, kidnappers will face the death penalty by hanging, with no opportunity for clemency. Those who attempt to kidnap or abduct will face a minimum sentence of 20 years in jail. These stringent measures are designed to deter potential criminals while also protecting public safety and security.

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In a strong statement, the administration stated its unwavering commitment to properly enforcing the law. They are willing to take drastic measures to put an end to illegal behavior. The user declares unambiguously that the time for tolerance has passed in a strong proclamation. In a strong call to action, the user desires an immediate end to the current situation. They stress the significance of the cessation, arguing that it cannot wait till tomorrow and must be implemented immediately, starting today. The person expressed their displeasure in a loud statement, saying, “We have endured this ongoing discourse surrounding insecurity for far too long.”

In an extraordinary move, the Governor has assumed leadership and directed law enforcement to seize and prosecute all individuals involved in illegal activities. To address the rising tide of crime, the Governor has also established a rewards program, which will award prizes for any valuable information that leads to the identification and detention of those involved in this horrible act.

The speaker asks citizens to take responsibility for the security of their beloved state in a call to action, emphasizing that individuals posing a threat are not strangers, but members of their own communities. A monetary penalty for whistleblowing is being discussed, which is an unexpected development.

In a recent statement, Otu encouraged neighbors to come forward with any concerns they had about people in their community. Otu emphasized the importance of providing any relevant information while pledging protection to those who provide information.

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