LP: Apapa’s camp regrets making Obi our presidential candidate

In a recent development, the Lamidi Apapa faction of the Labour Party (LP) has expressed its dissatisfaction with the selection of Peter Obi as the party’s presidential candidate for the upcoming 2023 election.

In a stunning revelation, the faction has come forward to express their discontent with the party’s decision to nominate Obi as their presidential candidate. According to their assessment, the party has committed a grave error in their selection process.

In a stunning revelation, the faction has accused Obi of engaging in federal deception before the presidential election tribunal. The allegations revolve around the purported manipulation of electoral documents procured from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

In a statement signed by the suspended National Publicity Secretary, Abayomi Arabambi, the party expressed its felicitations on the occasion of Obi’s 62nd birthday.

In a statement released today, Arabambi, a prominent figure within the Labour Party (LP), expressed warm regards on behalf of the National Working Committee (NWC) towards their esteemed presidential candidate, Mr Peter Gregory Obi, as he commemorates his 62nd birthday anniversary.

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In a statement released today, party officials expressed their well wishes to the individual in question, while simultaneously emphasizing their regret in selecting him as a candidate to represent the party. This regret stems from recent developments, specifically actions that have been perceived as undermining the long-standing discipline that the Labour Party has prided itself on.

In a statement released by the Lamidi Apapa-led National Working Committee of the Party, the celebrant is urged to embrace a spirit of introspection and prioritize the welfare of the Nigerian populace, as they express gratitude to the Almighty on this momentous occasion.

The concerning matter at hand revolves around the individual in question, who, despite not being affiliated with the Labour Party, approached the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. This individual proceeded to make multiple false statements, claiming that there was a moment when a subpoena was issued to INEC for the purpose of obtaining certain documents. Furthermore, this individual consistently asserted that they were unable to fulfil the financial obligations associated with the documents they intended to present. As a result, this has caused a sense of remorse among our party stakeholders.

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