More than 70 people are killed as fire engulfs a five-story building in South Africa

A terrible home fire tore through a tall five-story building in the heart of Johannesburg on Thursday, claiming the lives of over 70 people, including innocent children.

According to a recent report, the South African emergency services provided a troubling update on Thursday. A shocking number of people, 52 in total, have been reported injured in a horrific fire. This catastrophe is currently on course to become one of the most deadly flames seen in recent years around the world.

An official recently revealed that a terrible scene occurred at a closed security gate, where bodies were discovered heaped, sadly obstructing folks from fleeing the blazing inferno.

In a recent revelation, city officials discovered that abandoned houses in a disadvantaged and crime-ridden region had been converted into unlawful homes.

According to a recent comment by a resident, the bulk of people living in the region are foreigners.

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