Motorists line up as queue hit filling stations in Nigeria

Motorists are queuing  up at filling stations across Nigeria after the country’s recently inaugurated president removed the subsidy program that has assisted in reducing the price of fuel.

The newly inaugurated President Bola Tinubu has scrapped a longstanding  government funded subsidy that has helped decrease the price of fuel, leading to queues at filling stations as drivers struggled to fill up before the price rises.

President Tinubu made the announcement of removal of the subsidy just after his inauguration as president on Monday, he said his administration’s plan to put an end on initiative that officials said cost the Nigerian government an estimated 18.39 billion naira ($39.8 million) daily in 2022. He did not say when it would commence, but the  past government had planned to end the subsidy by June 30.

This resulted in the hike in fuel prices and will definitely cause more hardship in a country where many are already struggling to live, the poverty level and inflation is on a very high side.


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