Muslims protest Davido’s signee, Logos Oloro, and his ‘offensive’ music video

Logos Olori, an artist attached to the renowned record company Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), has recently released a new tune titled ‘Jaye Lo’. However, the visuals accompanying the song have created great controversy and widespread criticism, particularly among Muslims. These people have expressed their serious worry, calling the music video’s themes “offensive and disrespectful” to their religious views.

According to an exclusive revelation by the Gist House, the highly awaited DMW 2.0 musician has officially debuted his debut track under the famed label. The long-awaited release occurred on Friday, July 21, 2023, marking an important milestone in the artist’s burgeoning career.

Davido, the famed DMW CEO, revealed a gripping preview of his latest music video in a recent Twitter post. The video depicted a colorful scene in which people were seen intensely praying and joyfully dancing in front of a mosque. Davido invited his devoted fans to stream the song, surely anticipating a loud response.

Introducing @logosolori and his latest hit “Jaye Lo” In an impassioned declaration, the user shouts, “Let’s run it up one more time!” The individual in issue has made a big declaration expressing their desire to seize control of the entire planet. In a recent tweet, he said joyfully, “We are litty.”

In a recent social media post, a prominent person received opposition from the Muslim community. The individual’s tweet, which included a video, was met with swift condemnation by Muslim followers. They wasted little time in requesting that the video be removed and that the individual give a formal apology. The cause for this intense reaction was the video’s inflammatory tone, which was deemed derogatory to the Islamic religion.

The Gist House has produced a list of replies to the following text:

Bashir Ahmad, a former advisor to Muhammadu Buhari, expressed his extreme dislike of specific information that he believes is insulting, harmful, and offensive to Muslims in a recent statement. Ahmad stressed that these sentiments are shared by a large number of Muslims.


In a solemn pronouncement, it is clear that the Muslim community supports the ideal of not combining their religious beliefs with humor. This steadfast dedication is especially evident when it comes to Salah, the sacred ritual of prayer that is venerated as the second pillar of Islam’s five fundamental pillars. Muslims unite in Salah to celebrate their devotion to Allah, the Almighty. This holy event acts as a reminder for them to demonstrate their unshakable love and deep reverence for Him. It is also a moment for believers to invoke His blessings and express their gratitude for the divine presence in their life. Salah is considered to establish a direct meeting between the individual and God’s divine presence in a profound belief. The individual stated their steadfast belief in a firm declaration, highlighting the tremendous relevance of their faith. In a request for consideration, the user demands respect.

In a forceful declaration, it is evident that no Muslim would consider the situation to be noble or acceptable.

Engineer Yasir Arafat Jubril expressed his great displeasure, saying, “This is nothing short of repulsive!” The latest actions have sparked significant outrage, with many calling them rude and shameful. As a seasoned musician, you should have the wisdom and experience to successfully advise and steer your signee away from potential dangers. In a highly worded-remark, the user demanded that the information be removed immediately and that the user apologize to the Muslim Ummah.

In a recent social media post, influential influencer Daniel Regha demanded that renowned singer Davido remove his music video for “Jaye Lo” and apologize to the Muslim community. Regha claims that this move would show Muslims respect because mosques are widely considered sacred spaces. He goes on to say that Muslims are devoted to their faith and will not allow any conduct or behaviors that violate their religious convictions. In a world where creativity is unbounded, it is critical to recognize the importance of honoring the various tapestry of religious beliefs and cultural practices held dear by people all over the world. While it is important to embrace one’s creative energy, it is also critical to approach this expression with great respect for the religious and cultural sensibilities of others.

In a recent remark, a Kem Patriot raised concern about the Governor of Osun State’s conduct. The writer claims that the Governor’s family is dismissive of other people’s religious beliefs. They say that this empowered the Governor to disrupt Eid Day prayers, perhaps fostering unrest.

The individual in question, who happens to be the nephew of the person being addressed, has further compounded the problem in a spectacular display of disrespect for a sacred pillar of Islam. Not satisfied with the initial display of disrespect for religion, the nephew has opted to demean the deeply cherished practice of prayer.

“@davido The user voiced their significant concern and disappointment in the apparent disrespect for Islam in a sharply written remark. They expressed hope that the content developer would look for alternative sources of inspiration that would not enrage viewers.


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