NDLEA, NCA-UK Stress Dedication To Fight Drug Cartels In Current MoU

The NCA-UK ” National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom” and  National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, have decided and recommitted to fighting drug cartels even to their places of living, in order to stop the ongoing organised cartel  in Nigeria. They two organisations have planned to put heads together to make sure they minimise drug cartels in Nigeria and also in the UK.

The recent dedication was the high point of the announcement that was made at the signing  of a renewed Memorandum of Understanding by by the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of NDLEA, Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd) and David Cater, Regional Manager, West Africa, NCA (National Crime Agency of UK)  at the NDLEA headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday 4th July.

“This renewed MoU will definitely and inevitably propel High Intelligence Driven Operational Tentacles that will seek out the most complex organised criminal networks, no matter their hiding place to face the wrath of the Law. “Marwa stated

Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd) showed great belief in the NCA’s forthcoming project with the Agency’s relaunched Criminal Intelligence Task Force (CITF), he said, “I look forward, with great optimism, to the requisite specialist capabilities this project will provide to the CITF officials to target and disrupt drug trafficking cartels in our country, the West Africa sub-region and beyond.

“Our overwhelming gratitude goes to the Government of the United Kingdom for its continued technical support to the Agency.

“Also worthy of appreciation is the commendable efforts of the dedicated UK NCA personnel which no doubt, has inspired the Agency’s CITF officials with deepened enthusiasm to tackle Serious Organized Crimes frontally.”

He admitted that major crime organisations are dynamic and complex phenomenon that do not know boundaries , thereby posing serious threat to lives and properties in both countries.

“It is therefore imperative to aggressively seek proactive ways of managing intelligence and enhancing capabilities for disrupting transnational organised crime syndicates, thereby justifying the need to sustain the renewal of this memorandum of understanding which is another significant milestone in our collaborative efforts to combat organised criminal groups.” he shared

David Cater said renewing the MoU comes with great satisfaction and is significant to the good work of both NDLEA and NCA In his remarks at the ceremony. He stated that the renewed MoU will “enable us to take the battle to the enemies, that is, the cartels.”

He also showed gratitude to NDLEA and the leadership for their assistance and confidence laid in the renewed partnership.

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