Ohanaeze encourages Igbos to reject the’sit-at-home’ order

In a recent development, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has made a public statement urging Igbos to disregard the two-week “sit-at-home” directive issued by Simon Ekpa, the factional leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

In a plea to all the sons and daughters of Igboland, an urgent call has been made to resume their lawful activities.

In a statement released on Monday in Enugu, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, the President-General of the group, conveyed the following information.

In a strong condemnation of the ongoing “Sit-at-home” campaign in the South-East region, Iwuanyanwu has expressed his concerns. He estimates that the enforcement of this order, spearheaded by Ekpa, has tragically resulted in the loss of over 250 lives in the region.

According to Iwuanyanwu, concerns and apprehension have been stirred among the residents of the zone due to the order, resulting in a hindrance for individuals to engage in their legal activities during the designated sit-at-home days.

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In a recent development, it has been reported that the level of insecurity and the presence of unknown gunmen have been on the rise. This alarming situation is believed to be a direct result of the ongoing sit-at-home order. It is indeed disheartening to learn that Ekpa, a prominent figure, has made an announcement regarding an extension of the sit-at-home period in the South-East region.

In a recent statement, he expressed his strong disapproval of Ekpa’s latest action, deeming it as unacceptable and emphasizing that it should not be permitted to succeed in Igboland.

In a recent development, it has been emphasized by Iwuanyanwu that Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the proscribed IPOB, had issued a directive to Simon Ekpa, who claims to be working on behalf of the organization, to put an end to all sit-at-home actions in the South-East region.

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