On their 35th wedding anniversary, Pastor Bamiloye remarks, “My wife still calls me “bro Mike”

Mike Bamiloye, a Nigerian gospel film actor, producer, and founder of film production enterprise Mount Zion Faith Ministries, and his wife, Gloria, are currently celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Mike Bamiloye is a producer, and Mount Zion Faith Ministries was founded by Mike. In addition to that, Mike Bamiloye is a producer of gospel movies.

Bamiloye shared a picture of his wife with the caption, “Bro Mike,” on his Instagram account on Wednesday morning. He went on to add that despite the fact that the couple has been married for a significant amount of time, his wife continues to call him by that nickname.

During the time that we were dating, before they were married, she referred to me as “bro Mike,” which is what my fellow Christians in the Campus Christian Fellowship had previously called me. He promised that the “jinx” would be broken before the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary. He stated, “Before we married, when we were in Courtship, she has been calling me what the brethren in the Campus Christian Fellowship use to call me: “bro Mike.” This was before we got married.”

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“That is how each and every person in the Christian community referred to me,” she continued. And she never stopped addressing me as Brother Mike, even after the two of us were married. Then, a year after he was born, our first child, a son, surprised the both of us by addressing me as “aa-aa-yite!” when he was only a year old.

Both of us were attempting to address the other as “Sweetie! honey! baby!, sweatheart! MD!” whenever we spoke to one another. It did not work out the way we had hoped! My wife wanted to show my mother (big sister), who had been rejecting this, that we had made every attempt to adjust to the new conditions one day in front of my mother. This was because my mother had been the one who had been resisting this. When she shouted my name in front of my mother and said “honey!” sweetie!! sweatheart!! I was on the second level when she said it. She called and called, but it didn’t occur to me until it was far too late that I was the person she was attempting to get in touch with until she finally gave up.

“Although I was cognizant of the fact that I was hearing her voice, I did not give it any attention. After that, she merely yelled, “bro Mike!” over and over again. I retorted in a very emphatic fashion to their question. And then my mum started laughing her head off! And that was the conclusion to the matter. And despite the fact that it has been 35 years since we tied the knot and that all of our children are now married with families of their own, she still insists on calling me “bro Mike!” And I have not stopped responding to your questions!

“However, one day before our fortieth wedding anniversary, I am going to break this curse!” Before my grandchildren start calling me “braaa-hightee!” I solemnly pledge to each and every one of you that I will lift the curse.

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