Palliative subsidy: ‘Govt of renewed shege’ – Sowore hits FG

Omoyele Sowore, an activist for human rights, has been quite critical of the administration of President Bola Tinubu.

Sowore referred to Tinubu’s administration as a “renewed shege” government in one of his speeches.

In response to Tinubu’s plan to offer Nigerians palliative treatment for a period of six months, he made the statement while he was reacting to the news.

Tweeted by Sowore, the message read: “The government of #RenewedShege! Therefore, @officialABAT will offer palliative care amounting to N53 every day for the next six months?

“The jokes have been taken too far! These individuals have a low opinion about Nigerians. #Revolutionnow.”

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Tinubu has revealed his intentions to distribute N8,000 to each of the nation’s 12 million most impoverished households.

He promised that the funds would be sent to the impoverished country of Nigeria within the following half year.

The president’s proposal was detailed in a letter that was issued to the House of Representatives regarding the loan request for 800 million dollars that was submitted by the government of former President Muhammadu Buhari for the social safety net program.

He made several passionate pleas to the House of Representatives to approve the loan.

More details soon…

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