Peter Obi denies bribing Rufai Oseni of Arise TV

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 election, has refuted claims that he bribed a Nigerian television personality, Rufai Oseni.

Rufai of Arise Television was recently accused of accepting money from the former Anambra Governor in order to boost his good name.

Obi was said to have financially funded Rufai’s father’s burial, which fueled their friendship.

In response to the charges, Obi said in a message tweeted on his page on Monday that the news was a clear falsehood, emphasizing that it contained no element of reality.

Rufai, according to Obi, is a television host who fiercely speaks truth to power, including himself.

“Anyone who has followed my corporate and political life knows that I always stay on issues, with my focus on finding solutions to societal challenges and alleviating people’s suffering,” the statement says in part.

“However, I do need to clarify a few points, particularly since a third party is involved.”

“In a recent case, my name was mentioned in a malicious and cheap blackmail against one of Nigeria’s best television presenters, Mr. Rufai Oseni, who has stood firmly for what is right and has challenged me fearlessly on some occasions while speaking truth to power.”

“I was recently accused of bribing Mr. Rufai Oseni by financially sponsoring his father’s funeral.”

“Let me clarify unequivocally that this is a categorical lie. It isn’t true, it can’t be true, and it never will be true. Everyone who understands or follows my approach to things would confirm that I do not pay anyone to boost my name.”

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