Police ‘arrest cow’ in Osun for Cultist Day celebration

In Osogbo, which is located in Osun State, the police were able to seize a cow that was going to be used for the celebration of Cultist Day on July 7th.

According to what was gathered, residents of the Egbatedo neighborhood of Osogbo, which is where members of the cult gathered from various areas of the state, informed the police.

As soon as they caught sight of the police, the suspects ran away, leaving behind the cow, which they had already labeled with the inscription “Oroki Aye group, 7/7.”

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The cow, which was allegedly branded with a symbol of an axe, was afterwards confiscated by the police squad.

SP Yemisi Opalola, who serves as the spokesperson for the Osun state police command, stated that the cow was taken into custody by the police team after the suspect ran away from the site.

According to the Gist House, the Osun State Police deemed the so-called ‘Cult Day Celebration’ to be illegal on Thursday.

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