Popular Popstar Selena Gomez appears to ‘Shout’ at security guard at Beyoncé concert

Famous American musician and actress Selena Gomez seems  to have been entangled in a squabble with a security guard while attending a concert in Paris.

Videos of the event was shared on Twitter by fans who saw the 30-year-old walking through the Stade de France bordered by security while attending Beyonce’s renaissance world tour.

The 30 years old musician, dressed in all black then stops in the midst of  the crowd and apparently starts screaming at a security guard who was pointing at something far away.

In the shared video, captions showed that Gomez was compelled to say something after she reportedly experienced the anonymous security guard forcefully push a fan who was trying to hail the star.

This incident has not been formally established whether this was the incident, lots of fans on the social media have shared related stories of the events.

It has also not been established whether the security guard was working for the singer or if he was only just working for the venue.

Right after the video was uploaded on social media via lots accounts, many had to express their viewpoints on the matter.

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