Prigozhin, the head of Wagner, denies being eliminated in a new video.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the chief of the Russian Wagner mercenary group, made a public appearance in a recent video, strongly refuting rumors of his purported elimination.

Sky News recently got footage of an African warlord who insisted that “everything is fine” during the later part of August.

Last Thursday, it was reported that Prigozhin, along with three other passengers, were killed in a jet crash in the Tver region near Moscow.

In a surprising event, reports claim that the private jet carrying him was targeted and shot down by Russian military personnel.

Wagner was laid to rest in St. Petersburg’s historic Porokhovskoye Kladbishche on Tuesday in a solemn ceremony.

Wagner addressed suspicions regarding their well-being and current whereabouts in a recent video released on Wagner’s Grey Zone Telegram account. “To those who have been discussing my existence and current state,” Wagner said, “I would like to clarify that it is now the weekend, marking the second half of August 2023, and I find myself in Africa.”

The individual in question addressed the current concerns about their elimination, private life, income, and several other issues in a statement released today. They asserted confidently that they were doing well despite the attention.

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