In a recent interview, Selena Gomez mentioned how the song “Calm Down” by the Nigerian musician Rema has been a huge effect on her life. Gomez noted that the song was originally performed by Rema.

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The American pop singer and actress, who has a big following across a variety of social media platforms, recently took to her Instagram account in order to show her gratitude for being included on Rema’s song titled “Calm Down.” In the message, she stated, “This man has fundamentally changed the direction that my life is taking.” You have my gratitude, Rema, for including me in the song “Rema,” which is without a doubt one of the most well-known songs in the history of recording. Love you forever.”

Rema reacted to the post by demonstrating to Selena Gomez that he has the same feelings about her by demonstrating to her that he has the same feelings about her. The comment “Love you too, Queen” was written by him.

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It is not unusual for Rema to garner praise from critics all over the world. In the past, some of his songs were included on a playlist that former President Barack Obama used to listen to during the summer, and he has received praise from A-list celebrities such as Drake and Rihanna. His songs have also been featured on various other playlists.

Rema is swiftly becoming one of the most renowned personalities in Nigeria’s music scene because to the songs “Iron Man,” “Dumebi,” and “Lady,” which have helped him make a name for himself in the country. These songs have also contributed to Rema’s rise to prominence in the music industry in Nigeria.

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