Senators from the North warn Tinubu against intervening troops in Niger

Northern Senators in the 10th National Assembly have sent a harsh warning to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu about the probable use of military intervention to address the continuing crisis in Niger.

Senator Suleiman Sumaila, the Northern Senators Forum’s spokesperson, confirmed this information in a statement issued on Friday.

A bipartisan group of Senators has urged the President to take decisive action to restore democratic administration in Niger. Senators are advocating for the implementation of political and diplomatic initiatives to solve the country’s current condition.

According to a recent National Science Foundation (NSF) research, a hypothetical military involvement in Niger might have severe ramifications for multiple Nigerian states. Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Zamfara, Jigawa, Yobe, and Borno are among these states. The NSF’s findings offer light on the region’s potential wide-ranging impact of such intervention.

In a call to action, it was stated that the primary focus should be on using political and diplomatic tactics to restore a democratic government in Niger Republic.

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There is a strong aversion to the use of military force, according to a strongly worded declaration. Alternative options, it is believed, should be thoroughly investigated before resorting to such measures. The fear stems from the potential implications, notably the tragic loss of innocent lives as they go about their regular lives. According to recent reports, seven northern states that share a border with the Niger Republic are predicted to suffer negative impacts. Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Zamfara, Jigawa, Yobe, and Borno are among these states.

In a recent move, the Niger military junta decided to cut diplomatic ties with Nigeria. This decision follows the failure of the ECOWAS ambassador, who was sent to Niger in an attempt to mediate peace between the two countries.

Niger’s democratically elected President, Mohamed Bazoum, was deposed by a military coup last month in a startling turn of events.

Tensions in the West African region continue to rise.

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