Sit-at-home: Enugu’s traditional rulers applaud Mbah’s efforts and pledge collaboration on community policing

Traditional rulers across Enugu state have praised Governor Peter Mbah for his commendable security measures since taking office, assuring him of their unwavering cooperation in enhancing community policing in their respective communities.

The royal fathers, who gathered on Wednesday at the House of Chief Chamber, Enugu State House of Assembly Complex, advised the governor to be more merciless in pursuing kidnappers and enforcers of the sit-at-home order, emphasizing that such anomalies were unknown to the Igbo people.

During the interactive session with the governor, the traditional institution charged Mbah with deploying joint security operatives across different communities in the state to reassure their people and allow them to go about their daily business.

They complained that the illegal Monday sit-at-home order imposed by some criminal elements in order to scare innocent inhabitants did not reflect the actual identity of the Igbo people.

The traditional rulers assured the governor that they were ready to take charge of their communities as chief security officers, explaining that they had resolved to support any stringent measures that his government deemed necessary to secure the state and make it the preferred destination for investment and a hub of industrialisation in the Southeast zone.

Igwe Simon Osisi Itodo, Igwe RSN Eze, Igwe Lawrence Agubuzu, Igwe Godwin Madu, Igwe Julius Nnaji, and Igwe Greg Ugwu were among the traditional rulers who spoke on behalf of their senatorial districts.

They highlighted that kidnapping instances and other security breaches in the state, notably along the Nike-Ugwogo-Nsukka road, had been flushed out as a result of the governor’s prompt security response, and urged him to maintain the pace.

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“Enugu State and all traditional rulers in the state support any decision you make to protect the state from enforcers of illegal sit-at-home orders and other hoodlums.” We are pleased that you are leading by example, and that security in the state has greatly improved.

“At Ugwogo Nike, we now feel safe with your security measures, unlike in the past.” Your security architecture is overcoming all obstacles. We want you to strengthen community policing initiatives such as the Neighbourhood Watch.

“We are also urging the Governor to ensure that security personnel are present in every street and community, particularly on their ostensibly sit-at-home days.” “This will instill confidence in our people to come out and conduct their normal business,” the royal fathers added.

They also urged Governor Mbah to punish misbehaving public employees and business owners who refuse to go to work or open their doors for business operations.

“Those who refuse to work on Mondays and other days should face consequences.”

“You should also think about making us the chief security officers of our various communities and watching how we act.” “Hold us accountable for any security breaches in our domains,” they added.

Earlier, Governor Mbah reminded the royal fathers that the meeting was called to thank them for their support during the election and to update them on the security measures that have been put in place to rid the state of criminal elements and to attract the promised investments.

The governor emphasized that the only way to make the state a premier investment destination, eradicate poverty, build theme parks, attract over three million tourists each year, provide jobs for youths, and increase the state’s gross domestic product from $4.4 billion to $30 billion was to end the insecurity posed by hoodlums hiding behind the guise of sit-at-home to harm the economy and inflict pain on citizens.

He stated that the war against criminals could only be won with the cooperation of traditional rulers by talking to their citizens about how to avoid being used by criminals from other states operating from someplace in Finland and other nations, and by taking care of their communities’ security.

Noting that sustainable development, peace, and security are mutually reinforcing, the governor stated willingness to collaborate with traditional rulers to tackle instability by boosting community policing, deploying technology, and gathering and sharing intelligence.

He stated that the only way private investors would be interested in the state is if it is safe for investment, and that it is past time to eliminate any impression or idea of insecurity in the state through proper partnership.

“We cannot allow those we did not elect to direct our affairs.” They should not instruct you if you have not given them your mandate to lead you. We must inform them that they have no authority over our issues.

“You are aware of our objective to make Enugu the main investment destination. We can’t do it on our own. It starts with building a united front to address the elephant in the room: sit-at-home, escort it out of Enugu, and inform it there is no room for it in Enugu State. You should encourage your children and subjects to go about their daily activities.

“We must question the audacity of anyone who tells us to sit at home when their own state does not observe sit-at-home.”

“As you know, we are eager to fulfill our promises to develop Enugu and propel it to reclaim its rightful place among the states.” We pledged to provide water in 180 days, and we know we have around 134 days left. Some areas have already begun to have water in their homes. “Through boreholes, solar-powered water schemes, and other technologies, we will extend our water scheme to all parts of the state,” the governor stated.

He advised people to disregard the false impressions being spread on social media by a few hoodlums and their accomplices, adding their weapon was to instill fear and panic through fake news.

Governor Mbah reaffirmed that the government had already identified the hoodlums, was pursuing them on all fronts, and was defeating them using sophisticated security architecture.

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