Subsidy palliative: The APC government does not respect Nigerians as humans – Dele Farotimi

In a scathing critique, Dele Farotimi, a prominent lawyer and astute political analyst, has leveled serious allegations against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). According to Farotimi, the party has been remiss in its duty to address the needs of everyday Nigerians through its subsidy palliative approach.

During a recent interview with Arise Television, Farotimi expressed criticism towards the ruling party regarding the purported N70 billion proposed palliatives for National Assembly members.

In his assessment, the individual highlights that the Federal Government has allocated a substantial sum of N70 billion towards a select group of less than 500 individuals, while concurrently proposing a significantly meager allocation towards the broader population, which can be deemed as essentially negligible.

The individual put forth the contention that the implemented policies have failed to sufficiently address the apprehensions of the populace, thereby highlighting a noticeable disconnect between the central government and the citizenry. This underscores the notion that the All Progressives Congress (APC) appears to lack the determination to enhance the well-being of Nigerians.

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The individual in question has expressed a sentiment that suggests a growing disillusionment with the prevailing state of affairs in Nigeria. Their statement implies a perception of a lack of coherence or logical consistency within the country’s current circumstances. The current state of affairs necessitates a focus on mere survival. The prevailing governance in the nation appears to exhibit a lack of regard for the inherent dignity and rights of Nigerian citizens. The prevailing concern lies not solely in the recognition of our citizenship, but rather in the fundamental disregard for our shared humanity.

In envisioning a hypothetical scenario, one must contemplate the underlying mindset or ideology that guides a nation wherein the governing authorities deem it acceptable to allocate a substantial sum of N70 billion towards a select few, while simultaneously providing meager provisions to a significantly larger populace.

In the coming weeks, it is highly likely that we will be confronted with an impending request for additional financial contributions. In light of recent developments, it is evident that a growing sentiment among the populace perceives the government as an adversary rather than an ally. Consequently, it is imperative for us to transcend our divergent perspectives and engage in critical inquiry, as the challenges at hand are of profound significance to our very existence. The current legislative measures being implemented have raised concerns among certain individuals who perceive them as potentially leading to a state of subjugation akin to slavery.

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