The Akwa Ibom Assembly has demanded that the fallen bridge in Nsit Ibom be rebuilt immediately

The State House of Assembly has issued a call to action in response to the economic hardship and problem encountered by motorists and their passengers at the collapsed bridge between Mbiaso and Mbiokporo II in Akwa Ibom State’s Nsit Ibom local government area. They have encouraged the Ministry of Works and the Fire Service to expedite bridge rehabilitation and road restoration between these two settlements.

During Friday’s plenary, it was disclosed in a motion filed by Eric Akpan, the Member representing Nsit Ibom State Constituency, that… The motion was seconded by Otobong Bob, the Member representing Nsit Ibium State Constituency.

In a recent remark, Akpan, a concerned individual, emphasized the sad predicament that many motorists and passengers are in. The road’s poor state, combined with a destroyed bridge, has left these people trapped, as the path has become absolutely impassable.

According to recent reports, a substantial number of individuals and vehicles are in distress after a bridge connecting the Mbiaso and Mbiokporo II Communities in Nsit Ibom Local Government Area collapsed. In a strange turn of events, cars, and their passengers find themselves in a bind as the once-easy path between Mbiaso and Mbiokporo II, or vice versa, has now become a difficult and near-impossible endeavor.

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He conveyed his fears about the potential repercussions of a structurally defective bridge in a solemn tone. He stressed that this dangerous condition has the potential to block traffic, interrupt business operations, and, most concerning, result in injuries, fatalities, and property damage.

The individual addressed their prayers to the state administration, notably the Ministry of Works and Fire Service, in a sincere request. The urgent plea was for the government to prioritize and speed up the critical intervention needed to rebuild the collapsed bridge. The ultimate purpose of this intervention is to rebuild the road that connects both settlements, thereby reducing the considerable economic suffering that these people are currently experiencing.

In a heartfelt plea, he urged the State Ministry of Works and Fire Service, as well as environmental organizations, to join forces and conduct a complete assessment of the region’s erosion trends. Furthermore, he asked them to promptly implement long-term solutions to the looming issue of future erosion threats.

Elder Udeme Otong, the Speaker, recently took an important step by forwarding the proposal to the joint House Committees on Works and Environment. This action is accompanied by a clear directive for the committees to work with the Commissioner for Works and Fire Service, Prof Eno Ibanga, to guarantee a prompt response.

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