The Federal Government has approved a N25,000 allowance for medical physicians and dentists

The Federal Government has approved the payment of N25,000 in unusual allowance to medical professionals and dentists working in federal government hospitals, medical centers, and clinics.

In a letter dated July 26, 2023, titled ‘Accoutrement Allowance for Medical and Dental Doctors in Hospitals, Medical Centres, and Clinics in Federal MDAs’, approval has been granted.

In a recent statement, Dr. Uche Ojinmah, the President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), expressed the association’s anticipation for the complete implementation of their existing agreements. Dr. Ojinmah further elaborated that the NMA is appreciative of the government’s action in addressing one of their agreements.

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In a recent announcement, the Federal Government has given its approval for the payment of an accouterment allowance to medical and dental doctors in the federal public service. According to a letter received on Thursday, this allowance will amount to N25,000 per quarter and will be disbursed to doctors working in hospitals, medical centers, and clinics. The government has specified that this allowance will be funded from the overhead budget.

In a recent letter, it has been stated that the approval will come into effect starting from June 1, 2023. In regard to this circular, the commission has requested that all inquiries be directed to them.

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