The FG has dropped its contempt suit against the NLC

The Federal Government recently made an announcement about the withdrawal of contempt of court charges against organized labor. This decision was made in reaction to the labor unions’ nationwide outcry.

According to a letter acquired by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday, the contents were addressed to the NLC’s main lawyer, Falana, and Falana’s Chambers.

A letter dated August 7th addressed to Falana’s Chambers, has recently surfaced. The letter, signed by none other than the Federation’s Solicitor General, Mrs. B.E. Jeddy-Agba, has piqued the interest of many.

The Federal Ministry of Justice recently took action against the leadership of organized labor. The ministry summoned the leaders before the National Industrial Court (NICN) on charges of contempt of court. This action is the outcome of their participation in the ongoing protest.

In a recent development, organized labor issued a harsh warning about a prospective nationwide strike scheduled to begin on August 14. The strike was conditional on the Federal Government failing to remove the contempt charges filed against them.

In an audacious initiative, Organised Labour has launched a mass protest against the government’s anti-poor policies, with a special emphasis on the contentious elimination of subsidies. The Nigerian people have suffered greatly as a result of this choice.

A letter has surfaced, revealing insight into the ongoing dispute between the government and a specific office. The letter, which has been made public, emphasizes the necessity of the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress complying with existing court rulings that restrict any sort of industrial action.

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The ministry reinforced its position today in a statement, noting the significance of maintaining the court’s credibility and preventing any potential service disruption or injury to public infrastructure.

Despite the multiple exchanges and interventions, labor organizations went ahead with their scheduled strike on August 2nd, organizing public demonstrations.

According to recent reports, the demonstration not only caused major disruption to work but also resulted in the eventual removal of the National Assembly’s gate.

The ministry has taken action by launching contempt proceedings, which is a big development. On August 2nd, 2023, Form 48 was filed in compliance with Section 72 of the Sheriffs and Civil Process Act, as well as Order 9 Rule 13 of the Judgement (Enforcement) Rules.

According to a recent declaration, the issuance of Form 48 should not be regarded lightly, as it just initiates contempt proceedings. The actual gravity of the case is revealed only when Form 49 is issued, followed by the ensuing committal order.

In a recent event, President Bola Tinubu’s intervention and the labor unions’ decision to halt their strike had a big impact. As a result, the Ministry has decided not to proceed with the contempt proceedings. It is worth noting that the contempt proceedings would have required the issuance of Form 49 within two days of the issuance of Form 48.

According to a recent announcement, the failure to issue Form 49 by August 4th has rendered the contempt proceedings ineffective.

It is proposed that labor unions be informed and instructed about the complexities of contempt procedures in order to provide aid and support.

The NLC (National Labor Commission) recently indicated in a statement that the objections and concerns they made in their communique regarding the proceedings have now become obsolete due to recent events.

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