The spirits of murdered EndSARS demonstrators and Islamic Movement members will continue to haunt Nigeria, according to Shehu Sani

In a recent statement, former lawmaker Shehu Sani expressed his belief that the spirits of the slain EndSARS protesters from 2020 and the members of the Islamic Movement in 2015 will persistently haunt the nation and cast a shadow over its skies until justice is served. Sani’s remarks highlight the lingering impact of these tragic incidents and emphasize the importance of addressing the grievances and seeking redress for those affected.

In a recent statement, Sani made a bold assertion, alleging that the tragic demise of 103 EndSARS protesters in Lagos stands as a concealed atrocity from the tenure of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a recent tweet from his verified Twitter account, the prominent social critic made a bold assertion regarding the tragic events in Zaria. According to his statement, he claimed that the military was responsible for the massacre of members belonging to the Islamic Movement. Furthermore, he highlighted that the former Governor of Kaduna State publicly expressed support for this claim.

In a written statement, the individual expressed that in the year 2015, a devastating incident unfolded in Zaria, where more than a thousand members of the Islamic Movement tragically lost their lives. The orders for this massacre were allegedly given by the former Chief of Army Staff, and it was purportedly publicly endorsed by the former Governor of Kaduna State.

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In a disturbing turn of events, the general public found themselves subjected to a barrage of hateful propaganda, urging them to engage in a shocking display of disrespect. Reports have emerged of individuals being encouraged to march and even dance on the corpses of the victims, while also being prompted to search for any valuable items in their pockets. This reprehensible behavior has left many questioning the depths to which humanity can sink.

In a harrowing turn of events, the lifeless bodies of the victims, tragically including women and children, have been laid to rest in mass graves within the confines of Kaduna state. These individuals, who met a gruesome fate, now bear the scars of bullet wounds and the haunting marks of being charred. In a seemingly innocuous act, their offense consisted of obstructing the road in an attempt to impede the progress of the Army chief.

In what can only be described as a deeply disturbing incident, the tragic loss of life of 103 EndSARS protesters in Lagos has brought to light one of the lesser-known atrocities of the Buhari era. In a solemn declaration, it is asserted that the restless spirits of the victims, who tragically lost their lives in the Zaria road blockade incident and the Lekki gate confrontation, will persistently haunt the nation and cast a shadow over its very atmosphere until rightful justice is served.”

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