Vladmir Putin has stated that Russia will back any country defending itself against the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a powerful statement in which he vowed unflinching support to any nation that continues to defend its national interests in the face of Western pressures.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently declared his country’s intention to collaborate on technology challenges with governments all over the world. Putin emphasized Moscow’s willingness to collaborate with any country that is committed to scientific advancement. This declaration underlines Russia’s commitment to promote international cooperation and the mutual benefit of technology.

According to the individual, Russia is determined to vigorously strengthen existing collaboration links while also building new ones based on its significant track record of constructive and beneficial collaborations.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed his country’s willingness to strengthen technical linkages and defense partnerships with neighboring states in a cable message delivered to guests at the Army 2023 summit. Putin underscored Russia’s openness to work with countries that place national interests and self-sufficiency first. He also emphasized the significance of cooperating to build a comprehensive system of equality and indivisible security that successfully protects each nation concerned.

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a significant statement regarding the situation in Niger Republic. The country’s democratically elected government has been deposed by the military.

According to recent reports, Russia is purportedly providing support to the military junta of the Niger Republic.

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