Why did the NMDPRA close over 50 filling stations in Kogi?

The Nigeria Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) locked down over fifty filling stations in the state of Kogi yesterday for operating without an NMDPRA storage and sales license. The filling stations were operating illegally since they did not have an NMDPRA license. The petrol outlets were determined to be in violation of the controlling agency’s guidelines.

The NMDPRA’s state coordinator, Godwin Ogbe, shared this information with the Lokoja press. Godwin Ogbe was born in Lokoja. He claims the sealing is carried out “in accordance with Federal Government directives.” According to these instructions, marketers must apply online and get permits in compliance with the procedures outlined in the Petroleum Inspectorate Act. He argues that the online application and license criteria are “in accordance with Federal Government directives.” He also stated that the Petroleum Inspectorate Act governs licensing requirements. Godwin Ogbe contributed and shared this information with us.

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He claimed that five of the shutdown petrol stations were selling customers less Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) than they should have. This was one of the reasons the stores were shuttered.

Ogbe went on to claim that the retail stores were shuttered on Monday due to the NMDPRA task force’s monitoring.

While acknowledging the impact of the removal of fuel subsidies on Nigerians, he also claimed that the agency had discovered some cunning tactics being employed by marketers in the state and warned that anyone caught engaging in these activities would be sanctioned immediately. He also stated that the organization discovered several problematic methods used by state marketers and that they were used by state marketers. He did acknowledge, however, that the agency had found and highlighted some fraudulent practices used by state marketers.

Despite charges that his agency’s performance had been compromised, the head of the New Mexico Department of Public Regulation and Agriculture (NMDPRA) urged the public to report any marketer in the state who is under-dispensing gasoline. He made this request after establishing that his agency’s fulfilment of its commitments was not tainted. Furthermore, he disputed allegations that his squad had been hacked while on the job.

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The NMDPRA, he says, will continue to supervise the sale of PMS and would prioritize prosecution of anyone who engages in unethical or unlawful business practices. He also indicated that the NMDPRA would monitor the sale of PMS. He also stated that the NMDPRA will closely monitor the spread of PMS.

Over fifty petrol stations in Kogi have some type of locking device, bringing the city total to well over fifty. Some resources were hidden from view to ensure insufficient resource distribution. Those who operate their businesses without the necessary authority or without a valid license must pay a fee, which is put in a federation-managed account. Furthermore, the full force of the law will be applied to their circumstances. Sanitation is a continuing effort, and the area is inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it is constantly clean.

We will not relent until the NMDPRA takes action against all Kogi oil marketers who participate in unethical or dishonest business practices. We won’t stop working till that day comes. He stressed that we, as a legitimate government institution, would not fold our arms and allow a few people to undermine the government’s efforts to alleviate public suffering. This, he stated, will not occur. In his statement, he emphasized that this is not something we would do.

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