Why many assumed Osita Iheme was my twin brother – Chinedu Ikedieze

Many people “thought we were twins,” according to veteran Nollywood actor Chinedu Ikedieze, aka Aki, because of his onscreen chemistry with Osita Iheme.

He claims that, despite their comparable heights and malicious movie roles, they have distinct attributes that set them apart.

This was said by the 45-year-old thespian in a recent interview with Naija Mouth-Piece.

“Whenever people want to see one of us [me and Osita Iheme], they always want to see the two of us because they have that mental image of our mischievousness in the movies playing out in real life,” he explained.

“But that wasn’t a problem for me because my name is Chinedu Ikedieze and his name is Osita Iheme.” Despite how much we play together, I have some characteristics or features that set me apart. He has his own set of characteristics that set him apart from me in various ways.

“However, when it comes to movies, people would like to see us together…Sometimes I’ll go to a function and people would ask, “Where is your brother?” ‘Why didn’t he accompany you?’

“People thought we were twins because of our chemistry in movies.” As a result, they don’t believe we could ever have separate lives. They usually think that if you see one, you must also see the other.”

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