Woman Files Police Report Against Man Who Took Off Her Wig

An ”Upset” woman has filed a police report against a man who took her wig off for no valid reason in the streets of New York City.

The Report was filed on Sunday, May 28, with the NYPD by a resident artist named Lizzy Ashliegh, who’s Black. The crime is listed as a misdemeanor assault, it has been gathered that the local artist Ashliegh is claiming she suffered a slight injury to her neck.

Ashliegh brushed aside medical attention when she filed the report, despite the fact that, she claimed on social media she’s seen a doctor and that her report activated an investigation. She put a name to the suspect as Anthony Orlich, a lawyer who has now been fired by his law firm.

In the footage shared on social media platforms, she was seen time after time asking the man why he took her wig off. Orlich’s friends were sighted trying to get him to ask for pardon for it but to no avail. Orlich has not yet given comments on the allegations.

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