A top US ambassador meets with Niger’s military junta leaders

Victoria Nuland, a senior US ambassador, recently met with the top brass of Niger’s military junta.

The US State Department confirmed the information in a statement issued on Monday.

Victoria Nuland, the acting deputy secretary of state, traveled to Niamey in a crucial diplomatic step. Her mission? To hold an important meeting with General Moussa Salaou Barmou, the recently appointed chief of staff of the armed forces, as well as three other prominent military junta members.

In a statement, U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller expressed “grave concern” about recent developments in Niger, underlining Washington’s unshakeable commitment to upholding democracy and constitutional order.

Nuland recently raised the potential implications of Niger failing to preserve its constitutional order, as indicated by Miller.

In a recent statement, she underscored the potential ramifications of this situation, which might result in a major economic and security assistance gap totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for the people of Niger.

In a conference call with reporters, she described the two-hour chat as “extremely frank and at times quite difficult.”

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The acclaimed diplomat Victoria Nuland recently stated that her request to speak with ousted and incarcerated President Mohamed Bazoum was refused.

Miller, a US representative, recently restated the country’s call for the immediate release of President Mohamed Bazoum, his family, and all people jailed in connection with the unlawful power grab.

According to recent reports, Nuland, a major person, was unable to meet with the newly declared ruler, Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani.

On July 26th, in a stunning change of events, Bazoum was forcibly removed from office in a military coup.

Tchiani, the head of Niger’s presidential guard, has seized over and declared himself the country’s new ruler in a shocking turn of events.

In a remarkable turn of events, he and his group of officials suspended the constitution and dissolved all constitutional institutions.

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