Akwa Ibom State Welcomes Over 2,000 New NYSC Corp Members in Grand Swearing-In Ceremony

Akwa Ibom State was abuzz with youthful energy and patriotic fervor on Friday, August 18, 2023, as the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orchestrated a spectacular swearing-in ceremony for the latest cohort of 2,085 corp members from the 2023 Batch ‘B’ Stream II deployment. The vibrant event unfolded at the picturesque NYSC orientation camp nestled in the heart of Ikot Itie Udung, Nsit Atai, and bore witness to a memorable occasion presided over by the eminent Chief Judge of the state, Justice Ekaette Obot.

With a nearly equal distribution of 961 males and 1,124 females, these fresh faces brimmed with enthusiasm as they embarked on their journey of service to the nation. The state coordinator of NYSC, the dynamic Mrs. Chinyere Ekwe, voiced her admiration for the cohort’s swift adaptation to the camp’s disciplined lifestyle, attributing this seamless integration to the tranquil ambiance and well-thought-out welfare packages generously extended by the state government.

As the sun set on the vibrant swearing-in ceremony, Ekwe, an ardent advocate for the corp members’ success, extended her guidance. She encouraged them to immerse themselves in the plethora of resources and materials thoughtfully provided during the documentation process. Ekwe underscored the importance of adherence to camp regulations and active participation in the diverse spectrum of activities designed to hone their skills and cultivate their sense of responsibility.

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In the wake of Ekwe’s motivational address, her resonant call for infrastructure improvements and reliable power supply from the national grid resonated with the attentive audience. An impassioned plea for the state government’s intervention revealed the challenges these aspiring corp members currently face in the camp, reflecting Ekwe’s commitment to ensuring their well-being.

Governor Umo Eno, an emblem of statesmanship, inaugurated the camp with an impassioned speech. He reaffirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the program’s inherent benefits and wholeheartedly championing the corp members’ welfare. Governor Eno urged these young minds to extract the utmost value from the enriching camp activities, spanning thought-provoking lectures, invigorating drills, skill augmentation, citizenship and leadership grooming, social interactions, and spirited sports.

A ripple of assurance cascaded through the gathering as the Commissioner of Police, the formidable Olatoye Durosinmi, took center stage. His resolute words echoed a collective sigh of relief, vouchsafing the corp members’ safety. Commissioner Durosinmi underscored the imperative of steering clear of criminal entanglements, particularly emphasizing a resolute stance against cult affiliations. A stern call to eschew drug abuse and heedless travel was followed by a resounding mandate to embrace cross-ethnic camaraderie and dutifully uphold camp regulations.

In a culmination of youthful spirit, patriotic commitment, and collective purpose, the August 18 swearing-in ceremony cast a promising light on Akwa Ibom State’s dedication to fostering a responsible and engaged citizenry. As these corp members embark on their transformative journey, the nation watches with bated breath, hopeful for the positive impact they will undoubtedly leave in their wake.

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