As the Southeast boils, the Senate directs the FG to extradite Simon Ekpa

In a significant development, the Senate has made a formal request to the Federal Government, urging them to establish a collaborative effort with the Finnish Government in order to extradite Simon Ekpa. Ekpa, who proclaims himself a devoted follower of Nnamdi Kanu, the incarcerated leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has been the subject of intense scrutiny. The Senate’s call for extradition comes as part of a broader effort to address the activities of IPOB and its affiliates.

In a concerning development, Ekpa, the leader of the Auto Pilot faction within the secessionist group, has persistently issued directives to his followers, urging them to enforce a sit-at-home order in the Southeast region. This unwavering stance has resulted in a significant disruption of economic activities within the area, causing widespread concern among residents and businesses alike.

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The implementation of the sit-at-home policy, predominantly observed on Mondays, has tragically resulted in the loss of multiple lives among local residents.

During Wednesday’s plenary session, the red chamber strongly denounced the ongoing unrest in the region. In a resolute stance, they called upon the government to take immediate action to repatriate Ekpa, a Finnish citizen, back to the country.

In a significant development, the Senate has taken a decisive step by resolving to extend an invitation to the yet-to-be-appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with other pertinent stakeholders. The purpose of this invitation is to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the ongoing unrest, while also ensuring that those responsible for fueling the turmoil are held accountable. This move reflects the Senate’s commitment to upholding justice and maintaining stability within the nation.

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