Chelsea Legend Urges Arsenal to Sign Pochettino’s Prime Target: Rice, Timber Set for Arsenal Medicals as Saliba Commits to New Deal

Craig Burley, a former midfielder for Chelsea, said Arsenal that the acquisition of Moises Caicedo from Brighton will further improve the team for Mikel Arteta’s preparation for the challenges that are still to come. Caicedo is a member of the Brighton team at the moment.

Granit Xhaka is now competing in the Bundesliga in Germany, and Thomas Partey might soon be moving on to compete in Serie A in Italy. In just a few short hours, the Gunners will make Declan Rice, their newest signing and a player who cost them £105 million, official as their new acquisition.

Burley suggested in an interview that he gave to ESPN that the Gunners had made a prudent choice from a financial standpoint by allowing Xhaka and Partey to leave the club this summer.

Burley’s former club, Chelsea, has expressed interest in making a move to acquire Caicedo in order to replace N’Golo Kante, who has subsequently relocated to Saudi Arabia. Kante’s position will be vacant for the upcoming season at Chelsea.

The statement went on to say, “But if they could sell them [Xhaka and Partey] for a bit more money, then you would be asking for another player, and it would be Caicedo from Brighton,”

“He is 21. He is particularly skilled in both guarding the opposing team’s territory and breaking into the offensive zone while still maintaining control of the ball. In addition to possessing the energy necessary to cover the pitch, he also has the capability of producing far more than is required.

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“I believe that would be a better balance between him and Declan Rice, with Martin Odegaard somewhere floating around,” remarked Burley. “I think that would be a better balance between them.” “That strikes me as being a more reasonable middle ground between the two of them.”

It is predicted that Arsenal will have a very busy day on Friday as the Premier League team continues to straighten out its roster in preparation for the 2023/2024 season.

After joining with the organization, new players Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber will report to the Colney training complex to undergo their pre-season physicals and get acquainted with the facility.

This week, the Gunners and West Ham came to terms on a deal for Rice that set a new record for the most money ever paid in a British transfer. The deal was worth £105 million.

After reaching an agreement to pay about $34.2 million for the Dutch midfielder, Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta will be adding Timber to his roster of players. This comes after the two parties reached an agreement to pay for the Dutch player.

It is also going to be made public that William Saliba’s contract has been extended, and the new duration of it is going to be four years.

A person by the name of Fabrizio Romano, who specializes in football transfers, tweeted the following: “Busy, tremendous Friday at Arsenal.

Regarding the new deal that William Saliba has signed, an update has been provided.

Health evaluations and screenings for Jurrien Timber have been performed.

Declan Rice is undergoing a battery of medical exams and screenings.

“Following protracted and difficult negotiations, a significant step forward for the club’s present and future.”

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