Ekpa declares a Biafra Self-Referendum Convention

In a groundbreaking development, Simon Ekpa, a prominent figure in the Biafra agitation movement and a vocal advocate for separatism, made a significant announcement. Ekpa has revealed plans for a momentous event known as the Biafran Self Referendum Convention, aptly named BSRC 2023. This convention holds immense significance for those who support the cause of Biafra and seek to exercise their right to self-determination.

In a noteworthy announcement made via his official Twitter account on Saturday, Ekpa, a prominent lawyer hailing from Finland and currently serving as the Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government, revealed crucial information.

In a statement, he asserted that the upcoming event in Finland will mark a historic milestone as it will be the inaugural congregation of Biafrans in the Scandinavian nation.

In a display of unwavering dedication, Ekpa has persistently demonstrated his resolute commitment to the pursuit of the Biafra referendum, as well as his unwavering demand for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the esteemed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

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In a rallying cry that reverberated across the globe, Biafrans from all corners of the world have been urged to prepare themselves for what lies ahead. The call to action resonated with a sense of urgency In a historic turn of events, the inaugural Biafra Self Referendum Convention (BSRC) of 2023 is currently underway in the picturesque country of Finland. This momentous occasion marks the first-ever gathering of its kind, as individuals from various backgrounds and affiliations come together to discuss and deliberate on the issue of Biafra’s self-determination. In a tantalizing update, the individual in question has conveyed that crucial details pertaining to the date, time, and location of an upcoming event are on the cusp of being disclosed. This revelation was shared via written communication, wherein the individual expressed their intention to imminently reveal these pertinent particulars.

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