‘I swear I’d die if I don’t blow in 2020,’ says Telz, Burna Boy’s producer

Alli Odunayo, a.k.a. Telz, a Nigerian music producer, remembers telling his friends that if he didn’t become renowned by 2020, he would die.

He declared, in a shocking revelation, that he had taken an oath on the first day of the new year. Only a week after this historic event, BNXN, then known as Buju, extended an invitation to join him in the presence of none other than the legendary Burna Boy.

Telz, a brilliant music producer, offered a fascinating account regarding his experience with renowned rapper Burna Boy in a recent statement. Telz claims that on a visit to Burna Boy’s home, he grasped a good opportunity to produce the singer’s chart-topping hit, ‘Naughty by Nature,’ on the same day they crossed paths.

The 26-year-old revealed something in a recent episode of the All-Nighter podcast.

“On the first day of January in the year 2020, an event of significance occurred,” the individual stated in a recent statement. A faithful churchgoer just returned from their place of worship, only to find themselves heading on an unexpected drive to pick up their pals. Their acts appear to have been diametrically opposed to their original intention of attending church. Stay tuned for further developments on this exciting subject. “Greetings, everyone!” the individual yelled in a dramatic response. I must inform you that if I do not accomplish big success this year, it will be the end of my career.”

In a recent statement, someone asked, “Guy, why would you say that?” In a stunning turn of events, our team arrived at the renowned Ijoya camp seven days later. At this same moment, Buju, the renowned performer known as BNXN, made an unexpected proposal to Telz. Buju screamed, “Yo Telz, I have an invitation to visit none other than the illustrious residence of Burna Boy.” Would you like to join me on this incredible journey?” According to a subsequent development, the guy in question responded casually, saying, “I was like, yeah, sure.”

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It has recently been reported that a group of people set off on a trek to a specific destination. In a recent development, a gathering was held that included the individual in the issue, his manager Tomiwa, and the distinguished producer Sess. According to a recent remark, Sess, a well-known player in the music industry, had an important role as the principal producer. Meanwhile, Buju’s partner, who also happens to be a producer, gratefully appreciated their participation in the endeavor. In an unexpected turn of events, upon unlocking the door, it was discovered that Burna, the well-known celebrity, was smoking. This is a departure from the customary procedure, in which celebrities often appear one to two hours after the appointed time. In an unexpected turn of events, the user shouted, “Wow! “Hey, Burna Boy!”

Recently, acclaimed artist Burna Boy and producer Sess have been sighted working on a number of projects together. In an unexpected turn of events, the person identified as “me” claims to have been there at the scene. The individual stated their willingness to grab chances as they occur in a statement issued today. They sought nourishment in order to satisfy their hunger. Buju and Sess have reportedly left, according to breaking news. In a shocking turn of events, the person in question stepped forward and stated, “Me, I was just there.” Burna Boy, a well-known musician, was recently heard asking someone, “Hey, are you a producer?” In a surprising disclosure, the user admitted to having beats, saying, “I said yes, I have some beats.” In a recent comment, the user claimed that on a certain day, they had played a succession of beats, including the renowned track “Naughty by Nature.”

Telz, a significant person in the music industry, performed an important role as one of the producers for Burna Boy’s critically praised album, ‘Twice As Tall,’ which was published in 2020. This incredible album went on to win a prestigious Grammy Award for Best Global Music Album.


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