My grandchild died in a government hospital because of bad care. – Akpabio

Senate President Godswill Akpabio made a surprising admission about the untimely loss of his granddaughter in a recent remark. According to Akpabio, the small youngster died as a result of medical neglect in a government hospital.

Senator Godswill Akpabio made a crucial discovery on Friday in a remarkable turn of events. The information was discovered during the screening procedure for ministerial nominee Tunji Alausa.

An individual recently gave a devastating narrative of their personal sorrow in a statement. According to the individual, their first grandchild tragically died in 2019 as a result of bleeding difficulties while being treated at a government medical center. The individual in question was witnessed taking intravenous fluids, sometimes known as a drip, late at night. This medical treatment required the precise insertion of tissue to enable appropriate fluid supply. It has been stated that no assistance was provided, which is a heartbreaking development.

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In a disturbing development, it has been claimed that medical personnel, including physicians and nurses, are completely absent. In a terrifying sequence of events, a man found himself in a precarious situation after suffering massive blood loss, amounting to a startling 60%. He battled to keep his cool against the odds, but the pressure took its toll, driving him to the brink of mental weariness. He dropped onto the floor in a desperate attempt to find comfort, urgently searching for a source of water to quench his thirst. The individual in question excitedly engaged in a series of rolling movements on the floor, which lasted until the advent of the early morning dew. In a shocking turn of events, it was determined that he was discovered exactly at that site. He had reached a state of unconsciousness, known colloquially as a coma, at that point. In a shocking turn of events, a person on his way to the highly anticipated 2019 rally in Port Harcourt received an unexpected phone call.

A defibrillator was rushed to the site in a frantic attempt to restart the heart. Despite these attempts, the device failed to produce the expected outcomes. In a terrifying turn of circumstances, the person in question found themselves in a dire predicament, resorting to using their own hand to revive their personal physician. Despite their earnest efforts, their attempts tragically failed. In a gloomy narrative, the individual described the heartbreaking need of closing the deceased person’s eyes and transporting them to the mortuary.

In a recent statement, Akpabio offered further light on the situation, noting that when he inquired about the last time the defibrillator was used, he was told that it had stopped working eight years ago.

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