Oyo State Government Greenlights Car Loans for Primary School Educators

The Oyo State Government has taken a commendable step in supporting primary school teachers by approving the immediate disbursement of car loans to educators across all zones within the state. This uplifting announcement was conveyed through a statement issued on Friday in Ibadan by Mr. Jacob Dairo, the Coordinating Director of the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board.

The car loan initiative serves as a much-needed palliative measure to alleviate the challenges faced by teachers, especially in the backdrop of the prevailing economic crisis in the nation. The loan will be disbursed in installments, offering a thoughtful approach to help teachers navigate the economic uncertainties.

Governor Seyi Makinde’s endorsement of this loan scheme reflects his commitment to the welfare of teachers, with an explicit directive to ensure fairness and equal treatment for all beneficiaries, eradicating any hint of favoritism.

Mr. Dairo, in his advisory capacity, encouraged the recipients of this loan to utilize it for the stipulated purpose, amplifying the responsible use of the financial assistance.

This loan facility, extended through financial institutions, carries the reasonable provision of a 40-month redemption period, underscoring the state government’s prudent approach to facilitating teacher support.

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In a related development, the State Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Prof. Salihu Abdulwaheed, affirmed the government’s collaborative approach to the education sector. During his recent visit to the Directorate of the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board, he expressed the government’s readiness to partner with all stakeholders to elevate the quality of education.

The Commissioner’s commitment extended to future plans, which encompass a recruitment drive aimed at bolstering the ranks of teachers within the basic education sub-sector. Emphasizing the holistic success of this endeavor, Abdulwaheed stressed the importance of comprehensive staff training.

The Oyo State Government’s multifaceted efforts in prioritizing education and enhancing the teaching profession are evident through initiatives like the car loan scheme and the forthcoming recruitment and training strategies. These collective actions reinforce the state’s dedication to nurturing a robust and capable education system that empowers both educators and students alike.

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