Pat Utomi opens up about cancer battle

Professor Pat Utomi, an esteemed professor and economist, has just come forward to tell about his personal fight with cancer.

The renowned political economist and management specialist revealed a shocking revelation in a tweet on Friday. According to his statement, a biopsy performed in 2022 produced a positive result.

The individual just published the following news on social media: “Following a biopsy that revealed a positive diagnosis in the year 2022, I commenced my treatment under the care of a specialized cancer center located in both Ikeja and VI.”

The individual disclosed, in a surprising demonstration of dedication, that they would occasionally make the long travel from election campaigns to the bustling area located near the Airport. In an astonishing change of events, it has been revealed that the doctors engaged in the scenario attempted to sneak the individual out of the premises via the back door.

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The guy revealed in a recent statement that a group of his young nephews and relatives, who are medical doctors practicing in Europe and the United States, have banded together with the Lakeshore community. Because of this partnership, they have expressed a desire to personally manage his medical requirements following the impending election.

In a subsequent statement, the individual claimed that their seeming stillness was caused by extraneous powers manipulating their phones in order to relieve stress.

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