Southern Kaduna is like blacks in apartheid South Africa – Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani, a former lawmaker, has compared the plight of the people of Southern Kaduna under the leadership of the APC in the state for the past eight years to that of “blacks in South Africa during the apartheid regime.” He made this comparison in reference to the time period in which apartheid was in place.

He commended the people of Southern Kaduna for surviving the most terrible period of their existence in the hands of the APC-led administration of Nasir El-Rufai in the state. He described this time as the most difficult in the history of the people under any leader in the state and said it was the most difficult moment in the history of the people in Southern Kaduna.

Sani, while acting in his capacity as chairman of a party that was organized in Kaduna on Saturday by supporters of Senator Sunday Katung Marshal, stated, “I am always so passionate about the people of Southern Kaduna because the area occupies a special place not only in Kaduna state but in Nigeria as a whole.”

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He lauded the efforts of the people for remaining steadfast in spite of any challenging circumstances in order to defend their ancestral land at any cost, as well as their determination to support the PDP and its candidates in every election.

He exhorted the people to pray for Senator Sunday Katung Marshal and the other representatives from the region, as well as assist them in their efforts, so that they would be successful in their official tasks and ensure that their people would be delivered from Egypt to the land that was given to them.

Isa Ashiru, who is running for governor of the state as a candidate for the People’s Democratic Party in the election for 2023, has urged Senator Sunday Katung Marshal and the other legislators from the zone to maintain their concentration and deliver for the people by doing everything that is required to revive the region’s fortunes.

In his response, Senator Sunday Katung Marshal thanked the program’s organizers and stated that it was a challenge for him and the other lawmakers from the region to deliver on their mandate and make life more meaningful for the people in the zone.

According to him, “I decided that I was going to commune with my brothers from the House of Representatives and State House of Assembly to ensure that we do an assessment of the Senatorial District to actually understand what the people really expect from their representatives in the Senate. ” That we have done, we have expressed it, and it is all about security. With security, people will be able to carry out their enterprises, go to the farm, and children will be able to go to school without any problems.”

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