Stop militarizing Enugu, you’re being set up – IPOB to Gov Mbah

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has urged Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah to stop militarizing the state in the name of ending the sit-at-home order.

people who advise him to use excessive force against people attempting to enforce the sit-in are setting him up, according to IPOB.

The IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, said it was unethical to use security personnel to frighten and humiliate the people of Enugu State.

Powerful stated in a statement that Mbah should face governance and not spend the state’s resources in his attempt to end the sit-in.

“While IPOB has suspended Monday’s sit-at-home protest in Biafraland, we condemn the mishandling of the current situation by Enugu State Governor, Mr. Peter Mbah,” the statement adds. The use of security forces in Enugu State to harass, threaten, and humiliate our people is *not* acceptable.

“Barr. Peter Mbah should have known that he was elected for good governance, not to waste time chasing shadows and wasting state-scarce resources in order to put an end to the infamous sit-at-home protest.”

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“The former Governor of Enugu State, Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, strategically managed the marauders by ordering a sit-in without escalating the situation.” More than five innocent persons have been slain as a result of carelessness and mismanagement of the situation within a month of Barr. Mbah’s appointment as governor.

“Governor Peter Mbah should be aware that those advising him to use excessive force to end the sit-in pit him against the people.” Governor Mbah is simply increasing the sit-in that is naturally waning off with a show of force. Are other states now going about their daily business in peace? We’re not sure if he’s enforcing the sit-in with homicidal Nigeria Security Agents or fostering a peaceful environment for Enugu citizens to go about their business.

“We advise Barr. Peter Mbah to follow the trend and put an end to Enugu State’s militarization.” Some individuals will be reluctant to go about their daily lives as a result of the military siege of the state, owing to the military’s history of abductions, humiliation, and death of innocent Biafran residents.

“IPOB has stopped the Monday sit-at-home protest, many occasions and a series of press releases have been issued to that effect, and the situation is gradually easing, but we are surprised that Mbah should be using force to compel Biafrans who are voluntarily observing it in solidarity with Mazi Nnamdi KANU to come out,” said the statement. Because of Simon Ekpa, most Biafrans are not observing Monday sit-at-home. Biafrans stand in solidarity with Mazi Nnamdi KANU. That is why our people rejected Simon Ekpa’s treacherous two-week sit-at-home and went about their business.”

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