The influx of counterfeit Casio calculators and educational materials disturbs stakeholders

Mrs. Temilola Adepetun, Managing Director of SKLD Integrated Services Limited, has expressed concern over the increasing number of counterfeit calculators and educational materials on the market. She has also asked the administration to clean up the system in order to prevent counterfeiting.

Adepetun lamented the fact that the country was being inundated with fake calculators. Speaking during a presentation to highlight Casio’s efforts to improve education in Nigeria, Adepetun remarked that the country has become a dumping ground for counterfeit goods. The event was held to highlight Casio’s efforts.

She went on to claim that counterfeit Casio calculators are introduced during the process. She reflected on the steps that government officials and testing organizations are doing to ensure compliance with the law and that students have access to authentic calculators in their studies.

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“How many different parastatals are in charge of regulating the quality of goods brought into or imported into Nigeria?” What is the customs department up to? What exactly are the examination bodies in charge of? “Are the students required to use the official calculators, or are they free to use any calculator they want?” she inquired.

Adepetun expressed concern that the phony calculators produce wrong answers, and he said that it is past time for the country to start cleaning up its educational resources from the ground up.

According to her, “there is almost no scientific topic for which one will not require the use of a calculator.” Mathematics, for example, is a critical component of our education. If you do not already have at least one credit in the topic, you will be unable to enroll in classes at the institution. It’s past time to start cleaning everything from the top down. Many merchants bring in a considerable amount of previously owned products. As a result, the cleanup procedure must begin someplace.

“There are counterfeit calculators on the market; you must be a trustworthy dealer if you want to sell the genuine article.” As a result, we would want to give incentives to our retailers in order for them to promote our brand in the many regions where stationery products are sold.

“Our goal is to show them the difference between genuine and counterfeit products so that they can educate others in their market or organization about the differences.”

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Koichi Danjo, an Education Specialist at Casio in Japan, said that his company presented a revolutionary approach of teaching mathematics with a scientific calculator, which is not widely used in Nigerian markets.

Danjo noted that the company is currently choosing which schools will participate in the inclusive trigonometry math sessions. According to him, if educators were instructed on how to use scientific calculators effectively in the classroom, there would be a major shift in teaching quality and an improvement in students’ overall performance.

He went on to claim that his firm had conducted a pilot experiment on six different schools in Lagos the previous year. They discovered that students who used scientific calculators in the same topic performed much better than students who did not use the calculators.

“As a result, we needed to take this finding to schools in other parts of the country,” he said.

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