Tinubu’s ministerial list includes David Umahi, Wike, and others [FULL LIST]

In an unexpected change of events, President Bola Tinubu has proposed two renowned political heavyweights for ministry roles. The President has nominated former Ebonyi State Governor Dave Umahi and his Rivers State counterpart, Nyesom Wike. This surprising move has prompted significant curiosity and raised eyebrows in political circles. As the country waits for more information, the potential impact of these nominations on the political landscape cannot be overstated.

During Thursday’s plenary session, Senate President Goodwill Akpabio delivered a big announcement, which had been widely anticipated. The long-awaited moment arrived when he released a detailed list of 28 ministry nominees. This development has surely piqued the interest of both the political and general public.

Femi Gbajabiamila, the respected former Speaker of the House of Representatives, made a noteworthy presence during the Senate’s plenary session on Thursday. Gbajabiamila handed up a list of hidden materials during this key meeting, providing an air of intrigue and anticipation to the proceedings.

The user has offered a thorough list of issues in an impressive display of political insight. This collection, which has been meticulously researched and intelligently presented,

Abubakar Momoh has risen as a key figure in the political landscape, in a remarkable turn of events. He has recently grabbed the attention of Ambassador Yusuf Tukar, a key figure in the political arena, who has just made news with his newest statement. Tukar, known for his clout in diplomatic circles, has captivated the attention of the world once more.
The name “Ahmad Dangiwa” has arisen as a source of fascination and discussion in the arena of political discourse. This person, whose identity has piqued the interest of many,
Hannatu Musawa has risen as a key figure in the political landscape, in a startling turn of events. Musawa has enthralled audiences with her steadfast resolve and acute intellect.

Uche Nnaji has developed as a major figure in Nigerian politics, garnering the attention of both fans and detractors. With his charming personality and smart political acumen,

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Beta Edu and Doris Uzoka have emerged as major players in the arena of political discourse. These individuals have captivated the public’s attention and are now at the center of political debates. As they traverse the political landscape, their ideas and programs have come under severe criticism and critique.
Two major political individuals have recently emerged at the forefront of public attention. The first is Dave Umahi, a name that has made waves in political circles. Then there’s Nyesome Wike, another person who has gotten a lot of attention. These two people have emerged as
Muhammadu Badaru is a name that has been making headlines in the Nigerian political arena. This guy has drawn much attention and interest from political enthusiasts.
The following individuals have emerged as major figures in recent political developments: Nasir El-Rufai, Ekprikpe Ekpo, Nkiru Onyechiocha, Bumi Tunji Ojo, Stella Okotete, and Uju Kennedy are among the cast members. These people have gotten a lot of attention and are making waves in politics. Keep an eye out for more information on their actions and potential impact on the political environment.
Two famous characters in Nigerian politics have recently emerged to the forefront of public attention. Belo Muhammadu Gunyo and Dele Alake, both influential figures, have piqued the interest of political experts and residents alike. These personalities, with their distinct backgrounds and experiences, have become targets of political criticism and study.
Lateef Fagbemi has risen as a key figure in the political landscape, in a startling turn of events. Fagbemi has an aura of mystery about him.
Muhammad Idris has risen to a key role in the political landscape, in a startling turn of events. Idris has recently gained fame, capturing the attention of
Olawale Edu and Waheed Adebayo Adelabu are two major players in Nigerian politics who have just arrived on the scene. As they traverse the difficult landscape of Nigerian administration, these individuals have attracted the interest of both the general public and political observers. Edu and Adel have distinct ideas and goals.
Several significant people have emerged in recent events in the political environment. Emman Suleman Ibrahim, whose name has made waves in political circles, is one of them. Prof Ali Pate has also drawn attention, with his expertise and experience piquing the interest of many. Prof Joseph Utse is another significant figure to keep an eye on since his contributions to the political arena have not gone ignored. Furthermore, Abubakar Kyari has emerged as a crucial figure, bringing his distinct viewpoint to the table. Finally, John Enoh entered the political scene, making his mark with his particular approach. These individuals have clearly brought an intriguing layer to the political conversation, and their actions and decisions will undoubtedly be keenly scrutinized in the coming days.
Sani Abubakar Danladi is a name that has been making waves in the Nigerian political arena. This individual has attracted interest and debate among political enthusiasts and analysts alike

See list

1. Abubakar Momoh
2. Amb, Yusuf Tukar
3. Ahmad Dangiwa
4. Hannatu Musawa
5. Uche Nnaji
6. Beta Edu
7. Doris Uzoka
8. Dave Umahi
9. Nyesome Wike
10. Muhammadu Badaru
11. Nasir El-Rufai
12. Ekprikpe Ekpo
13. Nkiru Onyechiocha
14. Bumi Tunji Ojo
15. Stella Okotete
16. Uju Kennedy
17. Belo Muhammadu Gunyo
18. Dele Alake
19. Lateef Fagbemi
20. Muhammad Idris
21. Olawale Edu
22. Waheed Adebayoe Adelabu
23. Emman Suleman Ibrahim
24. Prof Ali Pate
25. Prof Joseph Utse
26. Abubakar Kyari
27. John Enoh
28. Sani Abubakar Danladi

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