UK courts order Ibori’s lawyer to pay £28 million

In a significant ruling, a Court in the United Kingdom (UK) has issued a compelling order against a former lawyer of James Ibori, the erstwhile Governor of Delta State. The court has mandated the ex-lawyer to pay a staggering £28 million for his involvement in concealing unlawfully acquired funds.

Bhadresh Gohil, an Indian lawyer, was found guilty in 2010 on multiple charges, including money laundering, for his involvement in assisting Ibori in concealing illicit funds.

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In 2010, Gohil was handed a ten-year prison sentence, of which he has now completed half.

In a recent development reported by Reuters, Gohil has been handed a significant ultimatum. On Monday, the individual in question was instructed to make a payment exceeding £28 million, failing which they could potentially face an additional six-year prison term.

In a recent development, it was revealed that the court has reached a decision regarding Ibori’s case. It has been reported that this decision comes in the wake of an order issued last week, which required Ibori to pay a staggering sum of £101.5 million ($130 million) or risk being sentenced to eight years in prison.

In a defiant stance, Ibori has declared his intentions to challenge the recent ruling handed down by the UK court.

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