Why I agreed to date Adekunle Gold – Singer Simi

Simisola Kosoko, better known by her stage name Simi, has revealed that her now-husband, the musician Adekunle Gold, was persistent in his pursuit of her during the early days of both of their careers, which led her to contemplate dating him.

The singer revealed that her boyfriend, who is affectionately known as AG Baby, had been messaging her on Facebook for a considerable amount of time, but she was unaware of this communication until after the two of them began dating.

She related how they eventually met during one of her concerts and how Gold’s “niceness” led her to accept dating him a few months later. She said this while explaining how they eventually met each other.


During a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos, Simi revealed this information.

The singer known for the hit song “Stranger” stated that the couple dated for a total of five years before tying the knot in 2019.

She stated, “Within the gospel community, I had a certain amount of notoriety. Adekunle Gold had also listened to my album about the same time it was released.

“He has been trying to get in touch with me on Facebook by sending me direct messages. But I didn’t find out about those DMs until we started going out together.

“I don’t recall how we managed to reconnect with one another in the end. I put up a show for Bogobiri, and he came to see it. At the time, he was wearing a white BYC and jeans on his very slim frame. He came to watch me give a performance. I was like, ‘Oh hey! He was like, ‘Oh! I am such a supporter.’ And I was like, ‘Okay!’ [laughs].

“I don’t know, but he must have been persistent because there is a friendship that emerged from that situation,” she said. He struck me as a very kind and considerate individual. After some time had passed, he extended an invitation to go out with him to me.

“I mean, in spite of the fact that I was acting and sounded like all of that, I still didn’t really have anything. “He was a nice guy, and I thought to myself, ‘Okay, I don’t mind a nice guy.'”

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