Witness tells tribunal that there was overvoting during the governorship race in Kaduna

During the cross-examination of witnesses at the ongoing governorship election tribunal in Kaduna on Monday, a significant revelation emerged as a witness took the stand. The witness, whose identity remains undisclosed, testified that there was a case of over-voting in his polling unit, with a staggering discrepancy of 100 votes. This revelation adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing legal battle surrounding the governorship election in Kaduna.

In a stunning revelation, witness Haruna Abubakar came forward before Justice Victor Oviawe’s panel to present his deposition as evidence. Abubakar shed light on a perplexing situation, stating that a total of seven hundred voters were officially accredited during the election. However, to everyone’s surprise, a staggering eight hundred votes were ultimately counted. This discrepancy has raised eyebrows and cast doubt on the integrity of the election process.

In a recent court hearing, Abubakar, a prominent businessman, made a startling revelation. According to his testimony, after casting his vote, he decided to remain at the polling unit. However, to his surprise, the election result was not announced as mandated by the Electoral Act. This revelation raises concerns about the adherence to proper electoral procedures and the transparency of the voting process.

During the proceedings, the witness was questioned by Alhassan Umar, the Counsel to INEC, regarding his ability to recall the number of valid and rejected votes. In response, the witness stated that he was unable to provide this information.

In a recent court hearing, Hauwa Hussaini, a witness, provided her account of the events that unfolded on the day of the election. According to Hussaini, she arrived at her designated polling unit promptly at 8:45 pm, eager to exercise her democratic right. Recounting her experience, she stated, “Upon successful accreditation at the polling unit, I proceeded to cast my vote and remained present until the votes were meticulously counted.”

During the intense cross-examination by the respondent’s counsel, the witness was pressed to explain her methodology for identifying instances of overvoting. In response, she confidently stated that overvoting occurs when the total number of votes cast exceeds the number of accredited voters.

In a recent court deposition on July 18, 2023, Lantana Mikaila, a key witness, shed light on the evolving nature of the election process. According to Mikaila’s testimony, the initial stages of the election were marked by a sense of tranquility and order. However, as time progressed, the situation took a turn for the worse, descending into chaos and disorder.

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In a dramatic turn of events, the much-anticipated hearing resumed on Monday, captivating the attention of all present. The petitioners, none other than the esteemed candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Isa Ashiru, along with his party, took center stage. With utmost conviction, they summoned five witnesses to the stand, each prepared to share their compelling testimonies regarding the alleged cases of overvoting that occurred within their respective polling units.

In a recent development, the court has decided to adjourn the ongoing case to the 25th of July, 2023. This decision comes as a means to allow for additional cross-examination of various witnesses involved in the proceedings.

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